AA SHIELD® LEVEL III+/RF1 Stand Alone Light Weight Rifle Plate

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Materials: UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene), Polyurea Coating.

223 Remington 55gr
5.56x45MM M193 55gr
.308 Winchester 150gr FMJ
7.62x39MM MSC


7¼" x 11½" (EXTRA-SMALL) 2.1lb 1"
8" x 10" (SMALL)
2lb 1"
8¾" x 11¾" (SMALL)
2.5lb 1"
9½" x 12½" (MEDIUM)
3lb 1"
10" x 12" (STANDARD)
2.9lb 1"
10⅛" x 13¼" (LARGE)
3.4lb 1"
11" x 14" (EXTRA LARGE)
3.9lb 1"

5 Years

Ballistic Resistance Certifications & Tests:  HP White, LAB, USA.


50% Lighter than the Ceramic Plates in the same Threat Level.

Multi-Hit capability, Up to 6 shots defenses ability.

Dropping impact safe.

The curved surface design gives the user more comfort. 

It can be used in various carriers.

Support and Policy:

The price is for ONE plate.

Armor CANNOT be canceled, returned, or exchanged except customers received the wrong or damaged items.

The lead time for all armor purchases is 2-4 weeks.

By purchasing this product, you agree that we will NOT assume any liability and we will NOT be responsible for any misuse of our product.

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