AA SHIELD® NIJ LEVEL III-A MICH Style Ballistic Helmet

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The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) is a combat helmet and one of several used by the U.S. military. The MICH helmet is the first combat helmet for use by soldiers of the United States Army. It was developed by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center to be the next generation of protective combat helmets for use by the U.S. Army. The Advanced Combat Helmet is derived from the MICH.

Construction: Aramid Fiber Core, UV/Water/Corrosion Resistant Matte Coating.

Threat Rating: Stand Alone, and IIIA rated for pistol caliber threats up to .44 magnum with NIJ .0101.06 STD.

Sizing (Head Circumference):

20 1/4-22 INCH 52-56 CM (SMALL)

21 1/4-22 1/2 INCH 54-57 CM (MEDIUM)

22 1/2-23 1/4 INCH 57-59 CM (LARGE)

23 1/4- 24 13/16 INCH 59-63CM (EXTRA-LARGE)

Weight(LE Version/Tactical Version ±3%): 

2.8lb/3.3lb 1300g/1520g (SMALL)

2.9lb/3.4lb 1320g/1540g (MEDIUM)

3lb/3.5lb 1400g/1620g (LARGE)

3.3lb/3.8lb 1500g/1720g (EXTRA-LARGE)

Shell Thickness(±3%): 0.28 INCH/7.2 CM

Warranty: 7 Years

Ballistic Resistance Certifications & Tests: V50 Penetration Test (2192FPS) by USA HP White LAB.

Key benefits:
   - Lightweight Design
   - A 4-Point adjustable chin strap system
   - Comfort and Changeable Liner
   - Above-the-ear rail system with a 2-point bungee system.
   - Durability

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