AA SHIELD® x Iron Armadillo®Trauma Pad 6"x 8" Pair

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AA SHIELD® x Iron Armadillo® Trauma Pads utilize thick, resilient padding to lessen the blunt force trauma caused by the projectile impact by decreasing back face deformation by both absorbing energy and disbursing over the surface of the trauma pad.

AA SHIELD®x Iron Armadillo test Level IIIA Body Armor for Back Face Deformation from the most common handgun calibers: 9x19mm Parabellum at 7 yards with the newest AA SHIELD® Trauma Pads. With the Trauma Pads added we can have up to almost 70% off of the energy transfer on the gunshot.

Firearm & Calibers:
Custom Glock 17 Gen4
PMC 9x19mm 115GR

When rounds strike body armor, it creates back face deformation. This effect results in energy transferring through the body armor to whatever and whoever is behind it. While AA Shield ballistic plates provide good energy disbursement, our Trauma Pads will further alleviate the energy transfer caused by the impact by reducing the back face deformation and absorbing much of the energy.The AA Shield Trauma Pad is designed to be worn in conjunction with our hard and soft ballistic plates and closest to the body of the wear.

Construction: Constructed from resilient, thick padding and used in conjunction with our ballistic plates, you will receive the optimal performance in ballistic protection.

Size & Cut: 6" x 8" Square Cut, can also be worn in conjunction with soft body armor and hard rifle plates.

Threat Rating: NONE

Weight: 2.1 oz (1pcs)

Thickness: 0.25"

**All the text and pictures here copyright by AA SHIELD® and IRON ARMADILLO®.**